Will Supercomputers Create Virtual Maps of Your Body in the Future?

SeekerPublished: August 6, 2018
Published: August 6, 2018

Imagine a world where you have your own medical avatar: a sci-fi like profile built using your real-time health data. Dr. Larry Smarr is pioneering such a world––he has been studying his anatomy in such minute, extreme detail that he recently directed his own surgery by providing doctors with what is essentially Google Maps for his body.

"How about you come over to my virtual reality cave," he proposed to his surgeon before his colon resection operation, "and we'll decide, as patient and doctor, where point A and point B are you're going to make the cut?" "That's like my 16-year-olds do with video games," she replied. "Yeah. We want to take video games into the surgery suite."

Larry believes the future of medicine will be to transform the 'sick-care' system into a true, preventative 'health-care' system by allowing everyone full access to their body's data to make better-informed health decisions.

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