Little Boy Has The Birthday Of His Dreams When Superheroes Appear At His Party

Caters_NewsPublished: August 6, 2018
Published: August 6, 2018

You know why we are always excited about videos with kids? Because it is always a thrill to see what these little humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example. Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again.

By Jack Williams After no one showed up at this little boy’s pre-planned birthday party, the youngster could not hide his delight when a string of superheroes offered him a birthday surprise he would never forget. Seven-year-old Max wanted a “friends-only” party for his big day but was left heartbroken when, of the 30 children invited, only one child and his sister turned up to the celebrations at a trampoline park in Houston, Texas, USA.

His mom encouraged him by telling him not to get disappointed and keep his head up and let everybody know that the party went great. However, his mom couldn’t ignore his son’s disappointment and in order to make people aware how important birthdays are for children, especially when you get an invitation, she reached out to the local radio station asking its presenters to explain to listeners the importance of attending child’s birthday when you are properly invited. RSVPing to such events is of immense importance for the whole family.

And here, a miracle came out of nowhere. A group that overheard this broadcast happened to be Houston Cosplay for Charity, and one of its members, irrevocably decided that she would like to do something to help.That’s how Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Captain America, Batman, Catwoman and others put their collective powers together, reached out to the boy’s mom, to put a plan in place to give Max the ultimate surprise. Her idea to go open about children’s birthdays via a radio station proved fruitful. It wasn’t her purpose to gather up a group of people to make Max’s birthday memorable, nevertheless they really wanted to make his dream come true.

We can see Max standing in a doorway at Urban Air Trampoline Park, oblivious to what's about to take place. Then, superhero after superhero enter the room, giving Max a hug and lighting up his face and those in the room around him. Seeing the pure joy on really warms our hearts because he is so happy. It only takes a moment to make a difference in someone's life, and the short amount of time you take to do something special can have a huge impact on that person's life. Now, we are sure that this is going to be Max’s most memorable birthday and he is going to tell about his party over and over again with that excited twinkle in his eyes. It is with a right when we were kids that we were told our wishes and dreams will always come true for our birthdays.

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