Woman is rescued after being chained to wooden log for two years

NewsflarePublished: August 6, 2018
Published: August 6, 2018

Indian Government officials have rescued a mentally ill woman, who had been chained to a log for over two years.

The woman, Saraswati, 22, was forced to drag the log whenever she wanted to get around in her village in Chitradurga district in Karnataka, India.

Her mother Ningamma, 45, said: “She would go to homes of strangers and cause problems for them. To prevent that we chained her to a log.”

The weight of the log had restricted her movement and forced her to stay close to her home.

As the chain was never removed, Saraswati was forced to drag it behind her even when she was inside her home.

After the local media covered the story, officials rushed to the village and freed her by sawing off the chains.

They also got her admitted to a government hospital at Rampura for treatment.

An official of the social welfare department, Honnappa, said: “We have assured the family that we will get Saraswati treated. We have also warned them that they will face legal action if they ever try to chain her.''

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