Hair product needed back on shelves like, subscribe & share

Breezeyboo59Published: August 5, 2018
Published: August 5, 2018

This product is so amazing im living proof it works my hair is almost to my feet & i just ordered it off line please if you like my video please like & subscribe & share to help me find the original makers of this product i been sending people online to find it i just want to make it easier by getting this back on shelf people want it after seeing my hair & i dont care about the money i just prefer telling them its in whatever store because not everybody has internet well maybe but or what if they just have cash & dont use cards or not internet savvy etc. Just saying the attention i get here is crazy about almost everyday for the past 10 yrs on my hair the photo behind me is me posing my hair the pictures done in denver Colorado...yes i was an extra on stephen kings the shining (remake) & in robert youngs "human error" i was in ending credits as well as an extra & had 2 parts im in the pics on IMDB Human Error

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