North Vancouver landlord attacks Rule of Law with a loophole, to evict paying tenant with shit storm

BrianrobbPublished: August 5, 2018
Published: August 5, 2018

This is the next threat from North Vancouver's bat-wielding landlord. What do the BC lawmakers, tenants everywhere, and the Director of the Residential Tenancy Branch think about scofflaw landlord John Hauberg Larsen's latest attack on the Residential Tenancy Act? The RTA is administered by BC's Residential Tenancy Branch. If Larsen "loophole" is allowed to stand, will all British Columbia landlords be using the same loophole to run a freight train through? Perhaps the Metro Vancouver Tenants Union ought to use this as a case study. This information is protected as public interest information. There is a multiplicity of proceedings, in just the month of July 2018, involving BC landlord John Larsen, at 4386 Strathcona Road, North Vancouver District, BC, V7G 1G3. This area is called "Deep Cove BC".

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