Venezuelan President 'Survives Drone Attack' at Caracas Military Parade, Officials Say

StoryfulNews Published August 4, 2018 6 Plays

Rumble Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro was taken to safety after being targeted by explosive drones at an outdoor military parade in Caracas on August 4, according to Venezuelan government officials. In a statement to the media, Venezuelan communications minister Jorge Rodriguez said the attack, which left seven soldiers injured, was an attempt on Maduro’s life, CNN reported. Maduro’s televised speech was halted when the explosion happened, the BBC reported. State television footage showed soldiers running away from the explosion before the broadcast was cut. In these videos filmed from the home of an eyewitness, military personnel with shields can be seen moving along nearby streets with shields. Meanwhile, a cacophony of sirens can be heard coming from the square where the parade was held. Credit: Manuel Berbín via Storyful