North Vancouver RCMP called, landlord harasssing phone message, July 28 2018, Deep Cove BC

smithnojasPublished: August 4, 2018
Published: August 4, 2018

This is public safety information because there are allegations that John Larsen thought or planned in killing his neighbors with chemicals because his neighbors reported Larsen for taxes that Larsen was not paying for the rental suite. There is no recording of that. However, Larsen was recorded for his 2007 threat to a male who was rescuing a runaway teenage girl. Larsen also sent a text message to "shoot" people on the street because these people were possible suspects in the Deep Cove crime wave several years ago. Despite being warned by Constable Kakar earlier in July, North Vancouver landlord John Hauberg Larsen (John Larsen) left a harassing phone message to his tenant, at 4386 Strathcona Road, North Vancouver District, V7G 1G3.

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