Cobra regurgitates seven eggs after raiding hen house

NewsflarePublished: August 4, 2018Updated: August 5, 2018
Published: August 4, 2018Updated: August 5, 2018

This is the horrifying moment a cobra regurgitated seven whole eggs after raiding a hen house in India.

The female reptile slithered into the chicken coop in Udupi District in southern India back in June, killing one of the birds and feasting on at least seven eggs.

This farmer called in a local snake catcher who captured the reptile and laid it on the ground where it promptly regurgitated the eggs.

According to the filmer, cobras will often regurgitate food in order to try to get away more quickly from a perceived danger, in this case the snake catcher.

The snake was later released back into the wild, according to the filmer.

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