This gasoline addict inhales more than a litre of fuel each day

NewsflarePublished: August 3, 2018
Published: August 3, 2018

This man is addicted to huffing gasoline and inhales up to one litre a day.

Dadan, from just outside the town of Solok, Indonesia, has inhaled petrol since he was eight years old.

The 35-year-old must inhale up to a litre a day or he gets headaches.

Footage filmed in November 2017 shows Dadan going about his daily life in the market of Sungai Nanam, picking out sunglasses and helping women lift their shopping.

He carries around a plastic bottle that is almost permanently fixed to his lips, and in a plastic bag, carries a spare bottle.

In an interview at 3:07, Dadan – with a bottle hovering directly under his nose – is not very responsive.

"What do you feel from the gasoline?" the interviewer asks.

"It's good," Dadan responds.

Despite Dadan's seemingly dangerous habit, he is otherwise healthy, according to his brother Aro.

"This habit doesn't adversely affect his health," Aro says. "He never gets sick."

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