Feta Luck Next Time - Would-Be Cheese Store Thief Caught on Camera

StoryfulNews Published August 3, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThe owner of Fromagerie Bothwell, a Winnipeg-based cheese store, is offering a year of free cheese for anyone who can identify the ultimately unsuccessful thief who broke into his premises in the early hours of July 31. CCTV footage of the man looking through two coolers where the store keeps a large part of its stock was posted to Facebook soon after the attempted robbery. Jean-Marc Champagne, who owns the store, told Canadian media that the man tried to break into a cash register but in the end walked away empty-handed. The store’s back door, however, was damaged during the break-in. “If anyone knows this gentleman, we are prepared to offer free cheese for a year if he’s identified and apprehended by the Winnipeg Police Service,” Champagne told CBC. Constable Rob Carver of Winnipeg Police, meanwhile, was quoted as saying, “Everyone who’s seen that on social media just thinks that’s wrong. It’s a new local store that just opened – and it’s cheese.” Credit: Fromagerie Bothwell via Storyful