Tourists witness giraffe giving birth in the wild

NewsflarePublished: August 2, 2018
Published: August 2, 2018

Lucky tourists captured the rare sight of a giraffe giving birth during a safari tour in South Africa.

The clip, captured on July 2, shows an adult giraffe delivering a calf at Kruger National Park.

The filmer writes: ''During a recent safari in the Kruger National Park, we came across one of the most astonishing and rare sight of a female giraffe giving birth in the African wild.

''Majority of the time the African wild is associated with the battle for survival and death by predators.

''To witness new life born into this world in such a hostile environment is incredibly fascinating and hardly ever seen while on safari.''

Giraffes are the tallest land mammals on the planet and give birth standing up.

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