Giant Teapot Sculpture Pours Water In Northern China

NewsflarePublished: August 2, 201829 views
Published: August 2, 2018

The impressive video shot on May 23 shows the three-ton, four-meter high teapot pouring water out into a pool. According to reports, there is a steel pipe, 50cm in diameter, inside the water column that supports the teapot. A pump was installed in the pool, that can pump the water up into the teapot continuously. The city has been honored as the hometown of Chinese Tea.

This fountain, hovering high above the ground in the form of a romantic looking teapot from which water flows continuously, is just a clever illusion. The object mysteriously hovers over a small pool. From the teapot opening as if from some infinite source, water pours without stopping. At the same time, the object suspended in the air remains remarkably stable despite the lack of visible support and at least some kind of anchorage.

It turns out that this impressive effect is achieved due to a transparent tube in the middle of the water column.

This tube keeps the bulk of the art installation in the air and, at the same time, continues to feed the water from below. Water rises up the pipe and immediately falls into the pool back. A slightly turbid water column effectively hides the pipe, making it unnoticed.

Several giant hovering teapots or water faucets in form of fountains can be found in different countries around the world, for example in such as Spain, Belgium, USA, Canada, and others. Some of the fountains are permanent installations, others are set only for a while, as an example of an unusual and shocking work of art.

And it seems that Chinese artists and engineer have lately become big on water. Take a look for example of another feat of Chinese engineering: the world's highest man-made waterfall on a Chinese skyscraper. Ths is a 108-meter-high man-made waterfall running down the side of a hotel building. The Liebian Building which is located in the business district of the city, now has one of the world's largest water features pouring down onto the side of it and it just looks absolutely stunning. Chinese media report that the highest waterfall made by man is for the time being opened only for domestic or world events for around 20 minutes. The water running down the building comes obviously in ample quantities and therefore it is recycled from an underground storage system.

Residents, tourists, and reporters have been gathering in the Guiyang City, in south-west China to see the spectacle only to be left staring in astonishment at the gigantic artificial waterfall which cascades acoustically for more than 100 meters down the side of this skyscraper.

They hope that the construction will become a tourist attraction, which would help to pay for at least some of the operation and maintenance fees. In hot weather people can gather around the bottom and cool down as it sprays water at them.

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