Teens take selfies doing risky stunts and steal mobile phone on Mumbai train

Newsflare Published August 2, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Four teens have landed in trouble for performing death-defying stunts and snatching a phone on a Mumbai local train.

After a video of their mindless antics surfaced Indian Railway Police have announced that they are looking for the teens, who are now charged with mobile theft and train surfing.

The footage shows four youths dangling outside the door dangerously stepping back in the nick of time to avoid collisions with electric poles and passing trains.

They try to climb the roof of the train and move from one door to another by dangling outside the coach.

One of them runs along the speeding train at a station, while another snatches a mobile phone from a passenger standing on the platform at the GTB Nagar Station (1.49 minutes).

The entire stunt is filmed by a gang member holding camera in one hand while precariously hanging on to the train door with the other.

Sources in Railways said the teens would identified and rounded up soon based on the video, which was shot early this week (July 30)

Senior Divisional Security Commissioner Sachin Bhalode said: "We have undertaken a drive against people who do such stunts. We will probe this incident too."

Indian Railway officials have banned "train surfing", which frequently ends in mishaps and lead to several deaths in a year.