Killer Whale Drags Sailboat Around Vancouver Island Harbor

StoryfulNews Published July 31, 2018 13,491 Plays

Rumble / Ocean LifeA killer whale that’s been observed swimming around a Vancouver Island marina for several days exhibited some unusual behavior on July 29, when it grabbed the anchor line of a sailboat and dragged the vessel around the harbor. Video of the incident, recorded at Comox Marina, shows the boat being pulled at speed by the lone whale, identified as a 27-year-old male. At one point, the boat is dragged into a collision course with another. Sharing the footage on July 29, Ara Stevenson said that the larger boat dropped a dinghy into the water in a vain attempt to prevent a collision. No one was aboard the boat at the time of the incident. Speaking to My Comox Valley Now, its owner, Dan Campbell, said there was minor damage to both boats seen in the video. Credit: Ara Stevenson via Storyful