Car with disengaged handbrake rolls backwards causing multi-vehicle pile-up

NewsflarePublished: July 30, 2018
Published: July 30, 2018

This is the moment a car, parked without its handbrake engaged, rolled backwards and caused a multi-vehicle pile-up that has left furious motorists demanding compensation.

CCTV footage captured on July 13 in Bukittinggi, Indonesia, shows the moment a white 4x4 triggered a chain reaction after rolling down the busy Ahmad Yani street in the West Sumatran city.

The accident was reportedly caused when a car crashed into a vehicle that was parked horizontally on the street, causing it to suddenly roll backwards and collide with a row of vehicles that were parked vertically.

The vertically-parked cars do not usually engage their handbrakes, but instead, place a small rock behind one of the wheels, locals say. This is done so that vehicles can be easily moved if another car wishes to park.

The driver of the vehicle that sparked the chain reaction reportedly fled the scene.

Photos and mobile phone footage show the damage caused by the incident, which trashed seven cars, left one motorcycle slightly damaged and also caused damage to a shop-front.

Furious motorists now demand that parking officials should offer up to 52m Rupiah (£2,750) in compensation.

But the Bukittinggi City Transportation Department says it is unable to offer money for the damages.

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