Indians go fishing at home after monsoon floods draw school of catfish

Newsflare Published July 22, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Strange WeatherMany fish-loving families in southwest India are waking up to their favourite dinner visiting them at home.

A family in Kottayam, in the state of Kerala was pleasantly surprised when a school of catfish swam directly into their living quarters, did a neat U-turn on the veranda and left the same way it entered.

Due to heavy monsoon rain this year, a local river, Moovattupuzha, has entered towns and villages, flooding homes and sweeping in the surprises.

A few enterprising individuals are fishing directly from their windows or doorsteps to find the catch of the day.

Those who venture to the river are rewarded with bigger fish, which can be plucked from the stream with their bare hands.

A few men went to the banks of Kuttyadi river in Kozhikode district and returned carrying several huge fish – many still gasping for breath - on their shoulders.

A resident of Kottaya, 43-year-old Manoj Nair, 43, said, "this happens whenever rivers swell due to rains. Last year, I saw many casting nets from their doorsteps to catch fish."