Classical Pianist Plays Bach To Blind Elephant

Published July 17, 2018 250,744 Views

Rumble Elephants are kind, wise and graceful animals. They might be thick-skinned but they are tender at heart and they always manage to arouse people's interest.

This blind elephant recently had a moment she will never forget, as a kindhearted classical pianist opted to play Bach to her in her natural mountainous surroundings. The heartwarming clip is incredibly raw: just British pianist Paul Barton and an upright piano among the trees; the elephant, Lam Duan, listening intently.

Music is distinguished from other sound waves by harmony. Sound waves affect all living organisms, as well as any other element of the environment. However, the influence of music marked by strict harmonies, like classical music or the music played by the woman in this video, is so amazing that it is simply impossible to neglect. It has been scientifically proven that animals even enjoy the subtleties of music, it relaxes them

The British pianist Paul Barton performed Bach compositions of for a single listener who gratefully participated in the experiment. A 62-year-old elephant named Lam Duan ("a tree with yellow flowers"), swaying to the beat of music, listened to piano music. From the words of a musician he has not met a more grateful listener in the many years of his career.

Paul Barton from the UK regularly performs at concerts. This time, in a sort of an experiment, the pianist performed classic pieces for piano for a very unusual audience: elephants act as his regular listeners.

A Briton, originally from East Yorkshire, now lives in the World of Elephants in Thailand. Together with his wife, they take care of 28 animals. Recently, Barton has performed Bach's piano pieces for the 62-year-old blind elephant Lam Duan. The elephant took to the music to such an extent that she swayed left and right in tune with the melody.

"My heart was broken when I first saw Lam Duan in the reserve in 2012. She was very restless. Now that I'm playing music, the elephant calms down and "dances" to music," said the 57-year-old pianist.

Despite the possible aggressiveness of some elephant breeds, Barton prefers to play them in their natural habitat. He puts the piano on nature, where animals can feel free.

"When elephants are standing next to you, you feel a special connection that cannot be conveyed and somehow explained in words," the man shared his impressions of the piano concert for one.
Usually, the Briton shared, it takes a few seconds to see if the elephant liked the chosen composition. "I hope that their life will be a little better because of this," concluded Burton.

The video, which shows the musician performing in front of the majestic inhabitants of the "World of Elephants", the musician published on his YouTube channel. This is how he spreads the word about the reservation and the animals themselves.

The Elephant rescue center usually brings sick, old or disabled elephants. Here they are looked after by volunteers.

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