Dog Saves Abandoned Kittens Left To Die In Cardboard Box

Caters_NewsPublished: July 16, 201812 views
Published: July 16, 2018

A brave husky has been hailed a hero after rescuing seven newborn kittens that had been left to die inside a cardboard box in the woods – and is now acting like their mother. Proud pet owner Whitney Braley, 30, said she ‘knew something was wrong’ after her service dog Banner, three, suddenly became ‘extremely distressed’ and kept pulling on her dress in a ‘state of panic’ outside their home in Menlo, Georgia, USA. The mum-of-three said she decided to let her determined dog lead her into the nearby woods – only to discover Banner circling around an abandoned cardboard box that was ‘in the middle of nowhere’. Whitney said her pooch ‘dived straight in’ after she opened the box and pulled out a ‘tiny’ white kitten – with the mum shocked to discover six more ‘barely alive’ kittens laying inside the box.

After bringing the newborn kittens back inside the house, Banner refused to leave their side – they were right next to him on the bed as he cleaned, cuddled and napped with the kittens as if she were their real mother. The dog was acting really strange on the day he discovered the kittens. She even showed disobedience when Whitney tried to call her, Banner wasn’t listening, she was absent-minded and she totally had a right to act strange. Her maternal instinct was strong than anything and it didn’t let her neglect the care for the babies. She was getting really distressed. When a well-trained dog changes its behavior drastically then it’s time to raise the alarm and find the root of the problem.

When Banner started tagging at Whitney’s dress, she decided to follow along and see where she would take her. The dog raced to the woods and began circling around a cardboard box with a closed lid and left without an atom of air. Inside, there were newborn kittens and Banner dived straight in to pull them out. Since they were not making any noise, Whitney thought they might be dead, fortunately they were strong enough to survive and they made Banner very happy. Banner’s owner was out of her depth with how Banner found the kittens. Let’ call it an animal instinct. She is a true hero, if it wasn’t for her, the kittens would have died.

Whitney decided to keep the felines and look after them until they are old enough to be adopted. And she has a selfless helping hand along the way because they are under the watchful eye of this incredible dog. Banner is by their side all the time and she counts them to make sure they are still there. Because of Banner, these kittens get a second chance for life and will go on to live with their loving families. Whenever you feel like you have lost faith in humanity, Banner is here to raise your hopes up. He may not be a human and he may not have a capacity for thinking, but his actions speak louder than anything else. Just remember his noble act and let it circle around.

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