People Drive Elephant And Tourist Sitting On Elephant

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Rumble People Drive Elephant And Tourist Sitting On Elephant
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Carbzilla Group
Fluffy - Invader became strong king
Balu - Invader King Friend
Trumpa - Old king no power
Tomson- King lost power
Jollyrol- Alpha female, Tara Kidnapper,Trey(M) Tito 02-04-18(M)
Big Bertha -mom- Albert, Georgie(M) Ginger(f)1-20-18
Carbzilla-mom- Cavan (M), Possum (F)
Carla -mom- Carlos, Charles (M)
Bella -mom- Barnum
Ella -mom- Belley
Gim-Male -
Peggy -mom - Prak (M)
Maddie-mom- Billy (M)
Grace-mom-Emma (F), Patty
Tara - kidnapper
Sumara -mom- Amara (F)
Cruella- kidnapper bad
Leyla - Kidnapper
Connie - mom - Chikis 02-18-18(M)
Halo - mom - Miranda 02-03-18(F)
Brinn - Adult
Laddie - Friend Albert (M)
Aliza - mom - Kiko

Amber Group
Eugene -King First King
Harold -King Second king
Krabby -Strong male
King Kong -Invader
Donkey-Friends king kong
Aesop-help king kong
Vinnie-Vinnie earcut monkey
Queen -mom Alpha Female 2017-Princcess,Solo 01-12-18 (M)
Jade- mom- Amber (F) Micah 24-11-17 (M)
Daisy-mom Alpha Female2018 - April, May (F) Rey 10-12-17 (M)
April - mom - Rain (M) Spring (F)
Diamon - mom - Amy (F) Nanda 03-02-18
Bonita - mom - Anita (F) Danita (F)
Scarlet - mom - Rojo ( M )
Gladdis -mom - Elvis (M) Stoney 01-26-18(M)
Rosa - mom - Holly (F) Red 2-01-18(M)
Selly-mom - Dara (M),Vivi (F) Vino 01-15-18(M)
Elsa - mom - Angel (F)Kelly 01-10-18(M)
Cara - mom
Violet-mom - Lily (F) Loni 01-15-18
Romeo- male - funny monkey
Duchess - kidnapper
Penelope - mom - Piper (F)
Brianna - mom- Briget (F) Bronco (M) 03-12-17
Teresa -Grandma-Briget adopt Danita
Butter- mom-Buttercup,Bellina (F)1-17-18
June - mom
Jane - mom- Tarzanna (F)
Skippy - male- monkey stay two group
Chewie - male- monkey who not scare come to sit on seller for food
Mona - mom - Luna 28-12-17(F)
Blacky - Young monkey love care Amber
Amari Group

Donald-king Lost
Brutus- Male King
Felix - Male Tumo
Marcus - Male Help brutus
Achap - Mafia Invader
Amari- mom Alpha female -Jill (F),Jace(M),Jack (M) Lori 14-12-17(F)
Merry-mom -Joey (M)Sherri 02-06-18(F)
Dolly- mom -DeeDee (F)Sweetie -01-10-18(F)
Tima - mom-Heather (F)
Popeye-mom- Olive (M), SweetPea (M)
Maria - mom-Kari (F) Aiden 02-24-18
Ashley- mom
Chimo - Long face
Lucy -old Monkey
Sasha- Kidnapper -Jessie 12-21-17 (F)
Caesar -Small One eye Male
Drew - Small (M)
Dana - naughty girl (F) - Donny 02-25-18 (M)
Jill -mom- Brutus Jr 04-08-18