Lightning Bolt Strikes Tree In Front Of Colorado Home

StoryfulPublished: July 11, 2018Updated: July 12, 20182,668 views
Published: July 11, 2018Updated: July 12, 2018

They say you shouldn’t be outside in a lightning storm. There’s that whole static electricity and water and rubber insulation thing, we can’t really remember because we weren’t paying enough attention in science class. But it is still a sight to behold, watching nature unload all her anger on us, mere mortals, making us think how tiny we are against her might.

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of the rubber soles on our shoes, people have been running outside to get a good shot at a bolt of lightning hitting the ground. Most of the times it requires some awesome piece of equipment with an insane lens and shutter speed, but it seems that everyone with a decent amount of patience and a steady hand can capture the purple bolt of energy. And if you are really patient and don’t mind getting the tingle all over your body, then do what this guy did. Whip out your camera phone, press ‘record’ and be amazed at how mean Mother Nature can be!

Colorado resident Todd Jones had such amazing luck to capture this video of a lightning bolt striking a tree just outside his house. The bolt hit the canopy of a tree in the front yard of a neighbor’s house in Ouray on July 10. Jones told Storyful the bolt struck the treetop and arced straight down the trunk, sending parts of the tree flying into the air. The video even shows a woman leaving her home moments before the lightning hit. With the sizzling of the energy in the air, she probably felt it a bit too late and just turned back.

Someone else on the other side of the planet also had the amazing opportunity to capture the moment a bolt of lightning struck a candelabra on a bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The sky is grey and rain is pouring, but other than that nothing much happens for about half a minute. Then, lighting hits beyond the hills in the horizon, too far away to feel edgy. Suddenly, a thunder rolls in before just moments later a bolt hits the bridge with a gorgeous purple color! Whoa!

The jolt lasts for so long, that you can actually pause the clip just as the lightning touches the candelabra on the bridge. It really is marvelous to see. And why wouldn’t it be? Nature in itself is spectacular and never fails to wow us in ways that simple take our breath away. Sometimes it is something as small as a unique and incredible insect, other times its or something as humongous as a cascading waterfall winding its way through a lush, green jungle. And how about those double rainbows? But before a rainbow can even begin, a storm must happen, like the one in this clip.

However volatile, those who roll in unannounced and take over the skies above are the ones we really are in awe with. While they are scary, they can also be beautiful. With the thunders roaring in the skies for hours, a storm ebbs and flows, while staying dark and ominous. As long as you are inside, watching a storm develop and subside can be truly magnificent.

Credit: Todd Jones via Storyful

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