Cats Sense Impending Earthquake

Published July 11, 2018 987 Plays $0.06 earned

Rumble / Cats & Kittens β€” Incredible video shows a group of cats' before and after reaction of an earthquake that happened in Northern Osaka, Japan on June 18. The cat cafe is called Neko cafe Catchy. The footage begins a few seconds before the quake showing a typical day at the cafe before opening hours, with cats curled up in their favourite spots. But a few seconds later the kitties appear to sense impending doom and raise their heads. Although no tremor had yet struck some of the cats appear to anticipate the earthquake and run for cover. Some of the cats decided to go for high spots, others tried to hide and one cat is shown running around the centre of the room. The tremor was enough to knock over items in individual homes, and also caused damage to several buildings followed by extensive delays on the roads and in public transport. It was the strongest tremor to hit the Osaka region in decades. Online commentators noted that not all the cats seemed to have fine-tuned their early warning system and certainly seemed to sense something was about to happen. The footage ignited a debate about whether cats are able to sense earthquakes. None of the cats were injured in the incident and the cafe praised their ''cleverness'' while reminding people that all of the cats are available for adoption.