Two Huskies Watching TV

Published July 11, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese two pet huskies were transfixed by the TV screen when their owner put on a DVD - of a dog running through a field. Sixteen-month-old puppies Praprud, centre, and his 'little brother', 14-month-old lamjead, had been wreaking havoc at home in Bangkok, Thailand. But their owner came up with a clever ideas and simply sat them on the bed in front of a widescreen TV showing footage of a German Shepherd running through the English countryside. The pair of pet pooches barely moved as the followed the on-screen dog's leaps and bounds through the green faming fields. The owner, who recored the pair on July 5 at 2pm, said: ''They both have a lot of energy but when the dogs were on TV they were so peaceful. I let them watch shows with other dogs in. They really love it.''