Air Force Veteran Shows Little Boy How To Be Brave

USATODAY_Militarykind Published July 11, 2018 3,017 Plays

Rumble We’re a ball of nerves watching this 95-year-old Air Force veteran inch his way to the edge of the diving board.

When one of the neighborhood kids at a local pool in Ohio was too afraid to jump off the diving board, one elderly gentleman knew exactly what to do to show the young man how to be brave. 95-year-old WWII and Korean War veteran Daniel Biss wanted to show the kid there is nothing to be afraid of. But, he had some physical hurdles to overcome of his very own. With some help of family and friends, Mr. Biss climbed that diving board, loosely supporting himself on his cane. Have you ever heard the expression “you are as old as you feel”? It turns out that is actually true, according to this Air Force veteran.

When he reaches halfway, Mr. Biss shows just how great of a showman he is, flexing his bicep to demonstrate his courage. If you ask us, that added just the right amount of emphasis to the feat he was about to undertake. Drum roll, please…

He gave us a little fright there, when he dropped his clenched fist and lost his balance, urging everyone around him to jump for help. He didn’t seem too frightened though, as one of his friends was right there with him to help him find his bearings. Finally, he reaches the edge of the board, with his daughter in the water encouraging him to jump. It looks like he is going to make it, but instead he measures out the pros and cons of the situation and takes a brave plunge instead. Belly first, but he did it. Mission accomplished.

Mr. Biss's daughter, Christine Ross recorded the sweet moment her dad took his big dive. “He is very spry for his age - he’s 95 soon to be 96-years-old and is both a WWII and Korean War veteran in the U.S. Air Force. He is full of amazing stories and has song for every situation," says the proud daughter. Christine’s son Kevin added, “Little did we know he would actually dive. He said soon after this video that he wants to be seen around the world.”

Daniel's wife of 72 years is also a veteran. She served in the Coast Guard as an administrative aid.

Mr. Biss isn’t the only elderly person who doesn’t let their age define them! An impressive video has emerged of a 91-year-old woman performing a flawless gymnastics routine during a competition in Berlin, Germany. The footage, shot on June 6, shows Johanna Quaas raising herself on the parallel bars with incredible ease at the Internationales Deutsches Turnfest Berlin competition.

Quaas used to be a sport teacher and still trains daily practicing gymnastics and swimming. During the 1960s in former GDR she trained gymnasts who were selected for 1964 Summer Olympics.

"She usually wins the Turnfest, but this year she made it to the fourth place," the filmer wrote online. "She was the oldest person at the Turnfest 'senior competition' and they put her in the 70+ section because there are only 'younger' people in the group," she added.

During the 1960s in former GDR she trained gymnasts who were selected for 1964 Summer Olympics. Judging by her flawless moves and flexible joints, we are surprised she didn’t win the competition this time! Better luck next time Johanna, we cheer for you!