Rescued Baby Peacock Makes An Effort To Flaunt Its Feathers

NewsflarePublished: July 11, 2018Updated: July 12, 20185,165 views
Published: July 11, 2018Updated: July 12, 2018

The blue neck of the peacock is one of its most attractive features. But then there are the feathers, which are very attractive too, especially when the peacock is in full plumage. The feathers of peacock possess microscopic ‘crystal-like structures’, which tend to reflect various wavelengths of lights based on their spacing. The tiny crystal-resembling structures are the ones that create the fluorescent colors. Peacocks are very peculiar creatures and fascinate young and old, alike. Did you know that a family of peacocks is known as bevy, and a group of peacocks is famous as a party? About 3000 years ago, Phoenicians imported different species of peacocks to Egypt and used them for a variety of purposes, particularly decorations.

Peacocks are social birds, and they like to interact with humans by exhibiting magnanimity or attachment towards them. However, these birds are quite aggressive and do not approve the entry of stranger or even new peafowl in their territory. You can also find wild peacocks playing games. Outstanding fact is that while playing peacocks always follow one direction, i.e., clockwise. Once tired, they stop suddenly and walk at a normal pace. They love to play under the sunlight.

But how about seeing a video of a baby peacock that flaunts its plumage for the very first time - it will make you smile and it will warm your heart. The footage, captured on July 3, shows six-week-old Drew, which was rescued from the inside of a bin, spreading its small feathers as it walks in a garden in Kingsland, Georgia. The filmer says: ''Someone had thrown Drew in the trash, someone else saw it happen and got him. ''Then, they reached out to us to take him.'' Though Drew is only a few weeks old, it is a strong and brave bird that wants to become a real peacock in no time. Look how he even tries to flap his wings open and to show the feathers which are supposed to be colorful and attract our full attention. Since it is such a small bird and not developed properly yet, it is crazy to expect of Drew to fully open its feathers. As the time passess, we are sure that he will become a big, beautiful bird in full shape and with vivid colors.

No matter his age, Drew has decided that he is actually a peacock so he is “peacocking” and he just wants everybody to know that he is a big bird. He is fuzzy and still wobbly, trying to pack some grass while he is walking unsteadily. This is a video of a bird becoming an actual bird and giving his best to show his owners that he will “come of age” soon and we greet his efforts. Oh, he is even trying to shake his tail which means he is becoming a boy and he is so cute. Peacocks flaunt their feathers to gain attention from peahens as part of their courtship ritual. Don’t forget to leave comments and share your videos with us!

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