Elephant herd aggressively protects their young against pack of wild dogs

Newsflare Published July 10, 2018 26 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeAn elephant herd aggressively protected their young against a pack of approaching wild dogs in Kruger National Park in South Africa on June 28.

“During a safari in the Kruger National Park, we came across a terrified-looking herd of elephants standing in the middle of the main road,” the filmer said.

“We suddenly realized that a pack of about six wild dog was coming down the main road towards the elephants,” the filmer explained. “The herd of elephants got extremely aggravated by the presence of the wild dogs.”

“Wild dogs are veracious predators and the elephants were very aware of the dangers these predators may hold,” the filmer continued. “The herd of elephants grouped together in a circle with the adults on the outer perimeter facing in all directions while their young remained protected in the middle.”

“These aggressive and extremely vocal elephants made sure that their young was protected at all times while the wild dogs stood no chance against them,” the filmer said.