George Clooney Sprains An Ankle Riding A Scooter In Sardinia

ReutersNews Published July 10, 2018 1,557 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsThe 57-year-old Clooney took his family - his wife Amal Alamuddin with the twins Alexander and Ella – for a holiday time on the island of Sardinia in Italy. According to local media Clooney was riding a scooter and collided with a pickup truck. Clooney suffered injuries and was hospitalized. How serious the wounds of the star, is not specified. According to the press in Sardinia, Clooney came there not just to relax, but also to shoot the television mini-series based on Josef Heller’s book “Catch 22”. Note that Clooney already got into a similar accident before: in 2007, he fell from a motorcycle and broke a rib, and the driver who was controlling the vehicle, Sarah Larson, sprained her ankle.

Hollywood actor George Clooney got into a car accident in one of the Italian resorts. Riding a scooter he crashed into a pickup truck. The incident occurred on the morning of Tuesday, July 10, in a place called Costa Corallina. The publication La Nuova Sardegna states that Clooney crashed the scooter he was controlling into a pickup truck on the way to the set. The Mercedes pickup truck station wagon shows a crack on the windshield, while the scooter which the movie star drove seems (at least visually) intact and it is shown standing on its wheels. The actor was taken to the emergency department of John Paul II Hospital. Soon after the incident, Clooney’s wife Amal, arrived at the hospital and drove Clooney home afterward. Since Clooney's condition did not arouse fears of doctors, he was soon discharged from the hospital, recommending a rest and rest for several days. According to the publication, Clooney did not suffer serious injuries. Other details of the incident are not reported.

George Clooney was born on May 6, 1961 in the city of Lexington (Kentucky, USA). He is a two-time winner of the Oscar winner and a five-time Golden Globe winner. The actor became widely known after filming in the TV series "Ambulance" and the horror film "From Dusk Till Dawn".

At the end of June, journalists learned about a profitable deal Clooney concluded: he is selling his own brand of American premium tequila "Casamigos". The British premium alcohol producer Diageo offered $1 billion for the brand. The brand is translated as "House of Friends". It started as a hobby, not aimed at profit. George Clooney and his two actor friends - Rand Djerber, the husband of Cindy Crawford, and the developer Mike Meldman - made tequila for their own consumption when they built villas in the Mexican state called Baja California.

They did not plan to commercialize the brand and began to give out bottles to friends. The demand spread. The founders of the company received a license for the production and sale of alcohol. This was a forced measure, not a deliberate step on the way to the alcohol business. The distilling tequila company refused to make new shipments without a license, as the company could no longer send thousands of bottles and call it "samples".

Business began to develop, and the company sees a stable growth, in 2016 the brand "Casamigos" sold 120 thousand bottles. The buyers were mostly wealthy Americans.

George Clooney and his friends will receive $ 700 million immediately after the deal closes, another 300 will be paid within ten years. Clooney, Gerber and Meldman will remain on the board of directors of Casamigos, in addition, Diageo plans to use the actor's popularity for the tequila promotional campaign.