Stomach Fat Creates New Eye Thanks To Pioneering Surgery

Caters_News Published July 10, 2018 668 Plays

Rumble The adorable three-year-old Myah Hauxwell from Mansfield, Nottingham has undergone a ground-breaking surgical procedure to have a new eye produced from her own belly fat The little girl was born with “microphthalmia” or small eye syndrome.

Microphthalmia is a rare genetic disorder in which one or both eyes are abnormally small. It develops during the term of pregnancy and can be related to other birth defects. This condition may be caused by genetic mutations and abnormal chromosomes, as well as environmental factors, such as exposure to drugs, toxins, X-rays, chemicals, pesticides, radiation, or viruses.

Myah was fitted with a prosthetic eye but her face started to collapse. The little girl had to suffer going through over 10 procedures and the surgeons at Queens Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham were categorical that the best solution for her was to produce a new eye socket by using Myah's belly fat.

Lauren, her loving mom was with little Myah all the time, having wait an excruciating four hours before surgeons told her the operation went as success. Her little one must wait half a year before for her new eye socket to be ready for yet another prosthetic eye. Lauren 31, says that surgeons used Myah's own stomach fat to build her a new eye socket. As the socket is now her own fat tissue and is the size it's supposed to be, Myah with a bit of luck won't need a new one created again. She had her first prosthetic eye built-in when she was one-year-old. But even though this made her face look symmetrical, it was too heavy for her face and it started to collapse last year. If they didn't have that surgery on June 27, Myah's face would have sunk down on one side for the rest of her life and she would have been in daily pain. Myah was constantly battling infections but surgeons have only used belly fat that is 1mm thick so the new socket is really lightweight. This sort of operation is rare and normally used as a last resort but Myah had no other option.

And Myah is such a brave little girl, she was awake and smiling just hours after the surgery. She never allows the fact that she was born with one eye missing hold her back in anything she does, and she is always happy and smiling. This attitude is largely owed to her mom who does not treat Myah any differently due to her condition. Very soon she will be going to school and mom Lauren hopes that everything will be done until that time. Her vision will never be restored as prostatic eyes do not provide that function and the aid will have to be regularly replaced as the girl grows. Luckily, Myah’s eyes are brown and the difference between her own and the artificial eye will not be that evident.

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