African Elephant Toka Enjoys a Refreshing Mud Bath at California Sanctuary

StoryfulNews Published July 9, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeAn animal welfare group gave a glimpse into the life of one of their elephants at their sanctuary in San Andreas, California. The Performing Animal Welfare Society shared a video on their YouTube page of Toka, an African elephant, enjoying a mud bath. Toka can be seen tossing mud around with her tusk and kicking it around with her feet. According to the post, the elephant was born in 1970 and was a resident at the Toronto Zoo before her retirement in 2013. “Today Toka spends her days immersed in nature, foraging throughout the day on grass, trees and other fresh vegetation,” the PAWS post said. As of writing, the footage has over 2,000 views on YouTube. Credit: Performing Animal Welfare Society – PAWS via Storyful