Boy’s Skin Turns Orange After Only Eating Baby Food Until Age 9, Now He's In Recovery

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Published: July 9, 2018

We all have that one food item that we can’t seem to stop eating. Some love chocolate, others love cheese. No matter how much they place in front of us, we can devour it and ask for more, time and again. But for one little boy, his favorite food turned out to be bad for him. Luckily, he is now on the rebound.

Little Harry Smith used to refuse to eat anything but his favorite baby food until he was nine years old. His favorite mushy meals eventually turned the boy’s skin a bright shade of orange and naturally, his mom was concerned for her son’s health. Harry could down up to 12 jars of baby food a day. So she brought him to a psychologist that specializes in food phobia.

After a lengthy therapy session Dr. Felix Economakis, which turned out to be life-saving, Harry’s Selective Eating Disorder has been tamed. He quickly started trying out bread, chicken and cheese. However, he still refuses to eat green veggies and eggs. Harry does eat a lot more solid foods now, like gammon, pancakes, pizza and Yorkshire puddings.

Harry’s mom Angela says: “While he was still in the room with Felix, he tried bread, blueberries, cheese, a microwaved ready meal and a chocolate chip cookie. This was the first time he had ever eaten a solid food. Seeing him eat solids for the first time in nine years was amazing. There were so many emotions I was feeling.

“Over the months, Harry’s food range improved. Today he is able to go anywhere without the need for baby food. He is able to find something he wants on the menu of any restaurant we go to. It’s great being able to take him anywhere to eat. Two years ago, we couldn’t go anywhere spontaneous. Something as simple as visiting relatives was a hassle because we needed to bring food for Harry.”

While the therapy itself was quick and easy, getting there in the first place was not. When Harry turned one and he still wouldn’t eat solid foods, his mom became understandably concerned. As any mom would, Angela was suspecting an illness, but doctors and everyone else around her tried to calm her down by telling her the boy was just a fussy eater and that ‘he will grow out of it’.

Then, when Harry turned eight, one of his cousins found Felix’s Facebook page and they got an appointment. The doctor knew immediately that Harry was suffering from a ‘phobia of foods’ disorder. It took the boy 10 months to gather up the courage and agree to the idea of therapy.

Felix says that one in 20 people in the United Kingdom suffer from an eating disorder and the causes are varied. “It can be triggered by an unexpected taste the first time, a virus or even a fear of choking,” he says. “It is one of the most common phobias. It’s probably as common a phobia of spiders.”

The boy’s diet still isn’t as varied or as healthy as it needs to be for a boy that is entering puberty. Still, Harry’s family is working on getting him on the right track as soon as possible.

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      aeio_ · 16 weeks ago

      On NPR (Public Radio US) maybe 12 years ago there was a story of a girl in the UK that liked Sunny Delight. No, she LOVED Sunny Delight. She drank nothing BUT Sunny Delight. And then one day she got up and she was orange. Her parents took her to the doctor; the company ended up saying, "We're delighted that you like our product, but we suggest occasionally you might drink something else." See: