81-year-old does incredible backflip in swimming pool

Newsflare Published July 6, 2018 10 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleAfter becoming a viral sensation by performing a perfect backflip in a pool at the age of 79, Mr. McCoy comes back two years later to demonstrate once more that age is just a number for some.

The footage shows 81-year-old Mr. McCoy inside a swimming pool with three men who would help him to defy the challenge.

Mr McCoy then stands on the men's hands and balances himself by putting his hands on two of the men’s heads. Then, they count to three and launch the older man into the air - to the sound of gasps of the relatives watching the stunt.

The octogenarian leaves onlookers stunned, performing a flawless backflip into the water.

The clip was captured in Georgia, on July 4.