Sparks fly as python is caught inside electricity box

Published July 5, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis is the spine-chilling moment an enormous python is caught hiding - inside an electricity box. Residents called for help after hearing a clunking sound inside the panel of switchboards and fuses at a block of flats in Zhongli District, Taiwan, on June 20. Technicians arrived and tentatively opened the metal door to reveal the reptile slithering across the switches. Workman Yu Wenzhi used a large stick to try and remove the python but in zipped away hiding under the electrical components. Yu said: ''Snakes and high voltage electricity are not a good combination. We were concerned not to harm the python but also keep ourselves and residents safe.'' The serpent was eventually coaxed out and caged up before being taken to animal workers to be released back into the wild.