Passionate Girl Born With Rare Bone Disorder Takes Ballet Classes In A Wheelchair

Caters_NewsPublished: July 5, 2018257 views
Published: July 5, 2018

A truly inspiring video has emerged of a dance-obsessed toddler attending ballet classes in her wheelchair due to her rare bone disorder condition. "Who says that disabilities have to stop enthusiasts from dancing? Three-year-old Milam Kiser is here to prove you the opposite, as she shows her spiking enthusiasm for ballet in this motivational video!

Despite of having extremely fragile bones, this dance-loving toddler dreams of being a ballerina when she grows up, she even started taking classes in her wheelchair, and won’t let her disability make her give up her dream. Way to go girl! Reportedly, little Milam begged her mother Amanda Staggs to let her attend ballet classes after she became obsessed with watching dancing videos on the Internet, so her loving mother complied with toddler’s wishes, and took Milam to class.

It is almost impossible to not to be touched by this girl’s story, as her determination had us in tears. The way this cutie lifts her arms and swings her legs to the sole idea of ballet dancing is truly inspiring. Maybe she won’t be able to walk on her tippy toes, and move their feet gracefully, but her pure enthusiasm for dancing is just too cute to handle. Watch how excited and proud of herself this girl is, as she joins her class during the ballet practice. What a heartwarming story! This little girl teaches us a very valuable lesson: never give up on your dreams, follow your heart and the rest will come! Prepare to have your hearts melted!

Meet three-year-old Milam who was born with a rare disorder, but that never stopped her from taking ballet classes, even by the price of dancing in a wheelchair. This little girl is a fighter and our little hero. We will sure look up to her the next time we hesitate whether we are supposed to tackle a challenge. The fact that nothing can stop this brave girl from achieving her dreams is our daily positive boost that will prove you wrong. Therefore, the inspirational quote by Jim Rohn about the value of dedication: “If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.” is perfectly suitable for this story.

We feel tha Milam’s adorable enthusiasm has instantly strengthened our confidence to follow our heart and tackle life’s challenges. This is a story that teaches us to not give up! That’s what brave Milam did, she was persistent and is now practicing her favorite hobby. Great job!

Talking about passion and dancing, a woman who was born with one arm has defied the odds to become a two-time pole dancing world champion. Australian Deb Roach was born without her left arm but decided to take up pole dancing after being inspired by two pole dancers she saw performing in a club. Deb took to it so well that she now teaches the sport and has won two international championships.

The mere lack of limbs does not stop people from achieving success. Even without hands, people can write and paint beautifully. Same goes for feet, there are those who have successfully learned to walk, do sports, win medals and achieve amazing feats. Having all your limbs is not the only prerequisite for success. More often than not, what we lack physically, we, the people of this amazing world compensate with astonishing determination, positive thinking and a will of steel.

History abounds with stories of the stunningly strong spirit of such people that help and inspire the rest to understand what we are capable to cope with in any situation and under any circumstances. The most important thing is to believe in oneself and in the ceaseless power that comes from within.

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