This Is The Scientific Reason Weeks Make Some People Paranoid

NowThisPublished: July 4, 2018Updated: July 9, 2018
Published: July 4, 2018Updated: July 9, 2018

Why does weed make you paranoid?

Research scientist Ziva Cooper explained, “Whether it’s smoked, vaporized, [ingested] orall, the experience rests on who the person is, what that person’s experience is with cannabis beforehand — perhaps their genetic makeup, maybe their gender. But it also heavily depends on what they’re taking in.”

All cannabis consists of cannabinoids and terpenes, which work together to alter the way you feel. The compounds include THC, which is psychoactive, as well as therapeutic, and CBD, which has therapeutic effects.

Cooper claims that if an individual hasn’t tried weed ever or that frequently, they’re more likely to experience its adverse effects. That or whatever they’re ingesting is strong, or has a higher amount of THC.

The woman body naturally produces endocannabinoids, which are similar to the compounds found in cannabis. Some people have low levels of endocannabinoids due to excess stress and trauma. But research shows that weed can replace these endocannabinoids and treat PTSD and mood disorders.

When cannabis enters the brain, it affects the amygdala, which control bodily responses like fear and stress. If you’re feeling anxiety, stress or hallucinations, that means that you’re too high and that too much THC has entered your system.

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