Man Plunges His Face Into Watermelon To Win Eating Contest

NewsflarePublished: July 3, 201811 views
Published: July 3, 2018

This is the hilarious moment a man finishes eating a whole watermelon in seconds during a contest in China. Watch as this competitive eater devours a whole watermelon in no time! Incredible!

There's nothing quite as refreshing as a nice cold watermelon on a hot summer day! Well this group of competitors signed up for cracking one open and quickly munching on it for a competition! However, one competitor stood out of the crowd with his unique eating technique! You won't believe just how effective his unusual method is! Check it out!

The video, filmed in Changzhou City in eastern China's Jiangsu Province on June 10, shows a man shamelessly plunging his entire face into the watermelon and gobbling it up in lightning speed. This man is so determined in winning the eating competition that he is prepared to use all methods required. If you watch closely you might think that he has teeth all over his face, and that all the pores are eating simultaneously! What an unusual way of eating!

While this man is on the fast track of winning this competition, given his effective method, the other competitors can be seen using a more natural way of eating, proceeding slowly with their technique, not risking to suffocate from not chewing the food properly. We cannot help but wonder whether this man is only swallowing what he previously externally chops with his entire face. Maybe he is not even using his teeth to soft-break the watermelon! Simply unbelievable!

Watermelons are wonderful and delicious. One of the best parts of summer is biting into a cool watermelon slice on a hot day, getting refreshed and reinvigorated in one glorious instance. But what if I told you not everyone’s idea of “watermelon fun” involves eating them? What if I told you people like to destroy watermelons just to watch them explode? Are you prepared for the truth bomb that we’re about to drop?

In addition to this man devouring an entire watermelon in a few seconds, barely using his teeth, a father and son duo have come up with a new way to cool off on a hot summer day. In this video, we see this cheeky duo use this fruit for a whole other purpose. Watch as they wrap rubber band after rubber band around a watermelon, just to feel the satisfaction of watching the fruit explode. We bet their inspiration came from playing too much Fruit Ninja on their phones.

Talking about blowing things up,we cannot help but wonder whether competitive eaters are at least slightly concerned of having their internal organs damaged or in a worst case scenario, have them blown up? Take for example female competitive eater Nela Zisser who constantly tackles new challenges. After taking on many very complicated challenges and meals, this well-known competitive eater and model, took on this burger known as the “Proteinarsaurus” in the Tucks & Bao restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, believed to count 4,000 calories. Of course, Nela devours the burger in no time, leaving us full from just watching her! Needless to say, Nela smashed it!

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