Strangest storm cloud formation over Detroit Lakes stuns family of onlookers

NewsflarePublished: July 3, 2018
Published: July 3, 2018

A family couldn't believe their eyes when they saw this otherworldly storm cloud formation over the Detroit Lakes in Minnesota.

In the video, filmed on Monday (July 2), apocalyptic-looking pinkish clouds fill the sky.

"It's like the whatsitcalled from 'Stranger Things'!" a boy can be heard saying in the video in reference to the hellish, stormy backdrop from which the monster villain Mind Flayer emerges in the hit US TV show.

It would appear that the local wildlife thought something bad was coming: in the video, the camera pans down to see deer running away.

"There's deer in the field over there," says filmer Davide Mcdougall.

"Oh, they're running," a woman says.

She adds: "You should tell Grandma she's gotta come up. Go see if she's in the garage. I've never seen anything like that! Come here, mum! Look at these clouds!"

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