Mexicans Chant 'We Want to Vote' as 'Special' Polling Stations Cap Number of Ballots

StoryfulNews Published July 2, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsMexicans chanted “We want to vote” as restrictions at “special” polling stations prevented some citizens from casting a ballot in the July 1 election. “Special” polling stations were established to allow Mexican citizens who do not live at their registered address to vote, with each polling station limited to only 750 ballots. These restrictions were announced ahead of the election and agreed to by every party, Telesur reported. Despite advanced warning, many voters were angered the number of ballots provided was insufficient, especially in tourist hubs where many citizens living abroad tried to vote, such as Puerto Vallarta, where this video was filmed. Credit: Joel Gutierrez via Storyful