Convoy of Trucks Carry Displaced People Out of Northwest Daraa City

StoryfulNewsPublished: June 29, 2018Updated: June 30, 2018
Published: June 29, 2018Updated: June 30, 2018

A long convoy of vehicles loaded with people and personal belongings crowded a road leading from Nawa, a city northwest of Daraa, Syria, on June 29. This footage shows a convoy of cars reported as people fleeing Nawa following the latest airstrikes. A reporter for a pro-opposition news outlet, which published the footage, said it was “the only road open from the west” of Daraa. Several cars testify to the origin of the convoy, as they are clearly marked “Daraa Nawa.” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported as many as 120,000 people fled from Daraa and the countryside to the Jordanian and Israeli borders following days of air strikes. Renewed shelling on Daraa was reported by pro-opposition news outlets, and Syrian state media confirmed the Syrian regime is advancing in the Daraa area. Credit: Step News Agency via Storyful

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