Teddy The Cat Has The Funniest Ears And The Oddest Meow

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Published: June 28, 2018

Meet the cat with the funniest ears and the oddest meow. But beware, after you see this video, it is impossible to forget the mental image! once seeing, is impossible! Oriental cats - do they smell like gladioli and why did the world fall in love with these cats. Well, this is why.

In the clip filmed on June 27, 20018 and it shows Teddy - the three-year-old Oriental Shorthair – while he is imitating the sound of toy car horn with his meow. He is simply adorable! He has a habit of honking instead of meowing like a regular cat. As if the odd meow was the first thing you have noticed on our Teddy. Should we say it or should the elephant ears stay quietly in the room together with their elephant? Those ears are not only enormous but also set to the side so hilariously that the first reaction when watching the video is you want to go there, grab him and never let him out of your embrace. He must be a highlight of his owners’ day and every day!

“He is often mistaken for Dobby from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise as well as actor Adam Driver! Teddy has a penchant for honking instead of meowing and is a popular mainstay in the internet cat world.” Says the filmer.

Without exaggeration, the Oriental Shorthair can be called one of the most graceful, refined and unusual representatives of the cat world. Their apparent fragility harmoniously combines with developed muscles and irrepressible energy. Regarding the nature of the representatives of the Oriental group is worth mentioning that these are the most talkative, loving cats who allow contact just like dogs do. Look at Teddy for example!

The body of cats of this breed is stately and elongated. The breed standard provides for a refined (but not a miniature skeleton) and strong musculature. Their nose is long and even, continuing the line of the forehead, there should be no signs of snub-nosedness. The ears (Oh teddy, this is about you!) - these are pedigree signs noticeable from afar! They are large in proportion relation to the head, wide at the base and slightly rounded. It is important that the line of the ears continues the line of the edge of the head. Kittens even are marked by "early ear growth", that is, their ears grow in the first three months of their life, and this is the period when Oriental kittens look like Dobby form the “Harry Potter”. This period of ear growth ceases for all, but not our Teddy obviously, and the animal continues to evolve, reaching the harmonious adult proportions.

The toy car honk meow, or an odd meow is very typical of the breed and this particularity was the reason why there was a ban on exporting these cats from their native land – Thailand. It is a very old breed, first official mention of them is found in the manuscript "Smud Koi" ("Book of verses about cats" 1358-1767). They struggled to be accepted in the Western world form their first exhibition in 1894 to the 60th when we first started to see their beauty and appreciate gems such as our Teddy.

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