Dog Doesn't Let Go Of Owner's Pants

StoryfulPublished: June 28, 2018157 views
Published: June 28, 2018

Leaving a loved one alone is always hard. No matter of it’s for a short trip to the market, a day at work or a few days’ vacation, when you have to separate yourself from someone you hold dear, it can pull at your heartstrings.

Now, leaving a human can be a bit easier, because you stay in touch. You communicate and understand each other. What happens when you have to leave a pet behind? They don’t understand that you will not be long. As soon as you close the door behind you, your dog thinks you are gone for good. The alpha of their pack is never to be seen again.

Some dogs run amok, whining and howling in pursuit of their beloved human. On the other hand, there are those who just lay down, take a nice, long nap, and before they know it, you are back and ready to start playing again. And then, we got pups like this little guy. They take matters into their own paws, or should we say, mouths. He will not take “I’m going out” for an answer and he will ground you if he has to!

This little pupper hates to see his owner go. Giannis is doing his best to get his dad to stay by hanging on to his pant leg for dear life. The adorable pooch gets dragged around but he doesn’t seem to mind if it stops his dad from going. What a character.

It seems that some dogs like to be a little violent when it comes to stopping their owners from leaving. On the other hand, some dogs like to take the passive aggressive approach. Like fluffy little Sydney did while her owners were packing to go away on vacation. This adorable pooch takes control over the traveling bag and she is not willing to move a bit, not even when her owner is trying to pull the bag away. Watch her protest by refusing to get off of his suitcase. Priceless!

A man has worked hard all year long, earning those coveted vacation and holiday hours. But, when it was time to go relax on a beach somewhere far away, there was just one little problem standing in the way. His beloved pet!

Don’t you wish you could take your fur baby everywhere with you? It’s so nice that there’s stores and hotels that let you bring in your pet. However sometimes, that’s just not possible. The long flights, extended time away or extra costs of transporting your pet prevents you bringing them with you when you go away on a holiday. Even if it hurts to say goodbye to our pets, it sometimes has to be done. Well, unless you have a stubborn pet!

In this video, the owner of a little dog named Sydney is trying to finish packing for his upcoming getaway. However, his tiny pooch won’t let that happen and will use all her paws to stop him from leaving her. Hilarious! Sydney doesn’t want her owner to leave, and she will do anything to stop him! Watch as she hilariously protests his departure by being extremely stubborn and very cute. She’s one very persistent little dog!

Credit: Jaris Martinez Boc via Storyful

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