Dog Confused By Disappearing Owner In 'What The Fluff' Challenge

Storyful Published June 26, 2018 1,826 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDog owners everywhere are confounding their pups with the latest internet craze, known as the "What the Fluff" challenge. The guidelines are straightforward: As their pets look on, wannabe swindlers hold a cover before them, at that point rapidly flee as they drop it, abandoning nothing. From the clueless canine's perspective, it looks as though their proprietor vanished.

Recordings of the trick are turning into a web sensation on the web, particularly those in which the pups go wild and frantically look for their proprietors, at that point bounce for euphoria as their mother or father return.

This owner tried to do the same thing with her dog, and the dog’s reaction was priceless! Just take a look at this video and you will be thrilled by the reaction of the dog!

The #whatthefluffchallenge is taking the internet by storm. In the challenge, pet owners ‘disappear’ behind a blanket – much to the bemusement and of their pets. In this video, Elf the dog is amazed when his owner Seba ‘disappears’. The confused canine bounces around, barking and looking at the location where his owner had been standing. Before long, Seba returned to reassure her pet. Seba told Storyful that she created the video to have a little fun with both Elf and Seba’s four-year-old son.

Have you tried what the fluff challenge with your dog? The "What The Fluff Challenge", which is as of now surprising the web, isn't gone for bringing issues to light for any unique reason, but to help us to remember how cute pooches are (an honorable motivation nevertheless).

The test has brought about individuals from everywhere throughout the world swindling their canines in the same charming way – by pulling a vanishing "enchantment trap". All you require is a cover or towel, an entryway, and a guileless canine to pull off the trap. What's the trap? It basically a peek-a-boo – you hold the cover before you, and after that keep running off to the side and stow away as you let it go, influencing your puppy to think you vanished. The dogs, meanwhile, had mixed reactions. Some responded with genuine shock, while others were a little more relaxed about it. This dog was completely shocked when his owner disappeared!

The pups at that point look in dismay while their proprietor stows away — however not every person hits the nail on the head. In some What the Fluff cuts, pets are seen woofing, sniffing, running and bobbing around searching for their darling proprietors.

Entertainingly, this enthusiastic puppy seems to bump the sweeping their proprietor vanished behind while another isn't inspired by the trap and strolls off — however for one lady the demonstration turned out poorly design. The proprietor shared a clasp of her endeavor at the What The Fluff challenge as she endeavored to confound her puppy.

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Credit: elf_the_pirate via Storyful