Deaf-Blind Man Enjoys World Cup Match With The Help Of Interpreters

NewsflarePublished: June 26, 2018
Published: June 26, 2018

"Bread and circuses!" is what the ancient Romans demanded to provide themselves with interesting leisure. In our time, one of the most common shows that would replace the gladiator battles of the olden days would be a game of football, which brings together millions of fans around the world.

Even though football is the most important and most lucrative sport on the planet, all is not about the game. Fans are an integral part of any competition, especially sports. Teams play games for their fans, try to justify their hopes, and fans support their favorite team with all their might, create a unique atmosphere, setting it up for victory. Throughout the world, one of the most popular sports is football and, of course, the most important football event is the World Cup. In football, fans are often called the 12th player, and in the world tournament in 2018 the fans who come to support their favorite teams, unofficially christened "Team 33".

We can say that there is a separate world of fans with their values, symbols, character, and slang. The most active fans come up with more and more new and vivid ways to support their team and show faith in its victory. What about other means and ways of supporting your team? Take a look at this inspirational video and find out more.

Brazilian football fan Carlos Junior, who is both deaf and blind, celebrated the victory of his team against Costa Rica in the second round of the World Cup with the help of friends who are interpreters. Carlos was born deaf and his eyesight began to deteriorate when he was 17 years old due to Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which affects a person's seeing and hearing ability.

The footage at the top of the page shows the interpreter Renato Rodrigues while he is describing to Carlos Junior what is happening in the game using his hands and a table with a miniature pitch on it. Carlos Junior cheers along with his peers after Neymar and Philippe Coutinho scored stoppage-time goals to give Brazil their first win in Russia.

At the end of the match, Renato describes the reactions of Brazilian players and Costa Rica to Carlos.

‘’I described Neymar crying and being hug by other footballers as well as the upset of Costa Rica players.

Renato Rodrigues, an interpreter and friend of Carlos for ten years, explained why he met with other interpreters to make it possible for "Carlinhos" to experience the match:

‘’We wanted Carlinhos to feel the emotion that millions of Brazilians feel. It was a great experience guiding Carlinhos along with my friends Helio Fonseja, Beatriz Canuto, Vinicius Alves and Carlos Santana in a very exciting football game for all of us. He (Carlos) got emotional and said he wants more for the next match,’’ Renato concluded.

Brazil will be playing Serbia tomorrow (June 26).

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