Drivers caught in motorway traffic begin U-turning en masse

Newsflare Published June 25, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Dash Cam Footage - Alarming dash-cam footage from northern England shows dozens of drivers caught in heavy traffic giving up on waiting and U-turning onto the hard shoulder to drive away in the opposite direction.

At the time, the trans-Pennine M62 had been temporarily closed, causing the disruption.

This incident was caught by an HGV driver on the M62 near Burtonwood services in Cheshire on June 15.

Initially only a few drivers attempted the manoeuvre but eventually others joined in and a mass exodus of drivers began separating from the queue.

The filmer, an HGV driver of 15 years, called the event "utter stupidity and madness." He added: "It's a miracle no-one was killed."

The motorway reopened only 35 minutes later, clearing the jam quickly.