Boy Hoping For Baby Brother Takes Parents’ Gender Reveal Very Badly

NewsflarePublished: June 22, 2018Updated: June 23, 2018463 views
Published: June 22, 2018Updated: June 23, 2018

A boy took his parents’ gender reveal very badly after his mother popped a balloon that showered the room with pink confetti. After the balloon popped, the boy got down on his knees and shouted, “Nooo!” repeatedly. Obviously, he was hoping for a baby brother instead of another sister, so naturally he threw the ultimate temper tantrum at parents!

Love them or hate them, "gender" reveals have become part of the course for expecting parents. Sometimes, they can be pretty epic and sometimes they go hilariously wrong. These three kids discover the gender of the impending arrival of their newest sibling, but someone isn't too thrilled with the results.

Three children are standing in the living room together with their parents, with mom holding a big black balloon which is about to pop and reveal the gender of the newest addition to the family. The big brother is obviously anxious to get a little brother, after dealing with two sisters, one of which is still a toddler. The other big sister is clearly excited about having another sister.

The moment mom pops the balloon and pink confetti fill the room, the little sister plays with the pink rain of paper, while the two older siblings express their feelings about the gender of their baby sibling. The suspense is there, but the only thing to erupt from this gender reveal volcano is a big brother's disappointment, who immediately falls down on his knees, expressing his huge disbelief. He screams ‘Nooo’, expressing his huge discontent, throwing a cute temper tantrum for the camera! Hilarious!

We truly feel with this poor boy and hope that he will easily come to terms with the truth of being the only boy of the four siblings. “After the reveal, my grandson proceeded to get a tub of ice cream and go into an emotional eating frenzy,” the filmer said. “He says he is coming to live with me now as he does not want to live with three sisters."

We can all agree that gender reveals are just the most thrilling thing in the world. The whole family is expecting its youngest member, and it’s all just so exciting! However, it’s not always easy to meet everybody’s hopes and expectations, especially if the kids are so particular about whether they want a baby brother or a baby sister to join the family.

If you don’t believe that kids can overreact to a gender reveal, you just have to watch this video! This is one baby gender reveal that this family won't soon forget! These siblings are eagerly awaiting to find out if their new baby sibling is going to be a girl or a boy and lets just say that someone gets very upset when they find out the answer! Looks like someone was hoping for a baby brother! The moment this big brother realizes that the newest addition to their family will be a baby sister, the little guy starts crying inconsolably, screaming ‘Nooo’. We feel with him, poor guy! He will have to cope with it and learn how to handle his three sisters! It is a tough call, indeed!

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