Why is Nature So Beautiful?

NaturalBeauty2010 Published June 21, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Why is nature so beautiful? Why does a short walk amidst nature have such a calming influence on our mind? Why does the sight of flowers, butterflies and rainbows fill our hearts with joy unspeakable?

While evolution and science can explain many facts of our daily existence, the answer to this profound puzzle lies a little beyond the reaches of present day science, and in the realms of the super-conscious.

Nature is Beautiful Because it is a Manifestation of God’s Joy.In the Midst of Nature, Our Minds Become Calm Because We Feel the Pull of This Joyful Cosmic Consciousness.

These fleeting moments of subconscious recognition, during which we sense that the same consciousness that is in us, is also manifesting itself as the flower, the butterfly, the forest and the sunset; fill our hearts with sudden joy. Our Soul, after its many wanderings, finally notices the faint callings of the Eternal Creator, gently illuminating the way back home.

Although I’ve been advocating an approach to nature based on its intelligibility, we are far from tying down the giant that is nature with our minds. Emerson writes that “the perception of the inexhaustibleness of nature is an immortal youth.” Although we shall continue to try to uncover nature’s secrets, let us also continue to take pleasure in our immediate encounter with her. Let us continue to be awe-struck, like the child on the seashore, or clambering up a tree. Let us hold onto that experience, and fight for the environment that makes it possible, both for the child in each of us, and for those that come after us.