Majestic lion lets out a yawn instead of a roar

NewsflarePublished: June 18, 2018Updated: June 19, 201820 views
Published: June 18, 2018Updated: June 19, 2018

A majestic lion let out a yawn instead of a roar at a sanctuary in Harrismith, South Africa.

In the video, a 6-year-old male lion named Shalom can be seen hugging a rock as the sun sets. Instead of calling or roaring with other lions in the sanctuary, Shalom let out a yawn instead.

“The other lions in our sanctuary started “calling/roaring/communicating” to each other,” said the filmer, who works for GG Conservation. “Shalom was about to join in but then decided to just yawn instead!”

“We hope that our videos will make people fall in love with our lions (indeed all lions), and thereby they will want to help protect the lion species, which is now endangered in the wild,” the filmer added.

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