Passenger In Rant Over Turkey Ham

ViralPress Published June 18, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Weird - This is the astonishing moment a furious Muslim plane passenger brands an air hostess a 'stupid f***ing b****' after his turkey baguette was labelled as ham. The middle-aged cabbie from Hampstead Heath, north London, was flying from Luton airport to Skopje, Macedonia, on Sunday morning when he ordered the 4.50 euro roll and a bottle of water. But mid-way through eating the ‘turkey ham’ sandwich he said it ‘didn’t taste like turkey’ - and flew into a rage when he saw the packaging labelled with the word ham. He called over the WizzAir stewardess and went on a furious rant - branding her a ''stupid, f****** b****... f****** slut'' and demanding a refund, after becoming convinced the product contained pork - explaining that he cannot eat it due to his religion.