Boy Says 'Daddy' Every Time Mom Asks 'Whose Baby Are You'

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Rumble This is the hilarious moment a baby firmly picks sides in the great mom versus dad debate.

We’ve all heard even just a fraction of this discussion that has been traipsing through the eras. Usually initiated by the children themselves, it goes on to prove which parent gave birth to the offspring. Was it the mother or the father? Of course, we all know the answer to that question and kids know it too. The only difference is kids, especially toddlers, have no clue how giving birth comes to be, although we don’t take away the possibility that many older people don’t quite get how that happens. So when mom does something they do not like and/or approve of, kids are able to instantly turn the tables on them with one simple and seemingly innocent word. “Daddy.”

Take this little guy for example. Mischievous Finley Guttery, two, constantly answers the question ‘Whose baby are you?’ by his mom Jessica with the quick and emphatically reply of ‘Daddy!’.

After filming her cheeky toddler’s joke at her expense, the clip quickly went viral on social media. Jessica, from Alabama, USA, can be seen in the video laughing as little Finley frustrates her attempts to convince him to pick her. With each and every attempt, he bats them away with a rousing shout of ‘Daddy’, as his mom becomes increasingly frustrated.

They even go back and forth, saying “mama” and “daddy” over and over, with the kid’s shining his goofy smile with every response. Despite his young age, Finley knows how hard this falls on his mommy, but he loves her still. He just really, really, really likes to taunt her.

By the end of the 30 second clip, and after multiple unsuccessful attempts, Jessica proclaims, “Really?’ - before Finley shoots a knowing smile at the camera.

Now, we get it. Sometimes even dads can be too much to their kids. What with their scratchy, bushy beards, their dry humor and their desire to create an occasion for a prank at any given moment, dads can become too much to handle. And how do you tell your dad you would much rather be closer to someone smoother, softer and better composed? You scream, of course.

This little baby gets inventive and utters a shrieky scream every time he gets close to her. Dad thinks this is hysterical, of course, and keeps moving his face closer to steal that sweet kiss. But the little girl just ain’t having it. In fact, even just the motion of him starting to move his face towards her elicits a warning shout, indicating that he should not even think about it. Dad keeps on laughing but that’s not going to change her mind anytime soon. The second that face of his gets close to her, she screams. In fact, she even seems to be looking at the camera for help. Don’t look at us, baby girl! Your daddy just wants a kiss so maybe you should let him have one.