Protesters Against Macedonia's Name Change Clash With Riot Police

StoryfulNews Published June 17, 2018 19 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsSkopje protesters clashed with riot police and climbed police vehicles during a demonstration against the possible renaming of Macedonia on Sunday, June 17. This video from Radio Free Europe (Macedonia) shows the tense scene. The foreign ministers of Greece and Macedonia met at Lake Prespa on Sunday and signed a deal to change the name of the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of North Macedonia, a deal that angered nationalists in both countries, Radio Free Europe reported. The accord will need to be approved by both parliaments and a referendum in Macedonia, which declared itself independent in 1991. Due to territorial concerns over a region of Northern Greece also named Macedonia, Athens has never recognized the Balkan country’s claim to the name “Republic of Macedonia.” Because of this dispute, Macedonia has been admitted into the United Nations under the provisional name “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,” often abbreviated as FYROM. Credit: Radio Free Europe (Macedonia) via Storyful