Clever Toddler Escapes From Crib Thanks to Older Brother

Storyful Published June 17, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Babies & Kids - This young girl hates taking naps, so much so that she even refuses to stay in her crib when is supposed to be napping. This is not the first time the mischievous toddler has escaped from nap time; her refusal to get some sleep has become an ongoing saga. Not content with just one escape method, this young girl has enlisted her older brother to help her make another break for it. This video, shared on June 7, shows the clever siblings working in tandem; her brother pushes the cot while the agile girl climbs onto the bed and escapes. “They are best buddies and are always conspiring to get into things together,” the uploader told Storyful. Credit: Two Turkeys via Storyful