A New York Woman Shaves Her Leg On A Subway Platform In Front Of Other Commuters

NewsflarePublished: June 15, 2018Updated: June 16, 2018
Published: June 15, 2018Updated: June 16, 2018

Modern life is tough. Nowadays you have to consciously make time for eating, going to work, trying to have a little bit of fun, and rest. Still, it seems that there is never enough time to juggle and achieve all of these tasks in a 24h window, and you need to cut corners. Like this woman in the video at the top of the page who, ruled by the principle "what is natural, cannot be ugly”, decided to make some precious time for her beauty treatment while waiting for the metro.

A video appeared on the Internet, showing a woman sitting in one of the busiest metro stations in the world and shaving her leg on Times Square in New York, USA. She is quietly shaving her leg right in front of the masses of confused commuters. If they could manage to surpass the shock and disbelief, the eyes of the amazed audience could see how a shaving cream, a shaver and, a bit of brazenness can turn a hairy female leg into a smooth silky object of admiration. However, there are some people who, judging by their lack of reaction, have seen such precedents taking place here before.

Witnesses secretly shot the incident on their mobile phones. The most surprising thing is that this shaving occurred during the daytime, under the watchful eye of dozens of eyewitnesses who were sitting in close proximity to the heroine of our video.

The video occurred on Monday at noon and has since become truly popular among New Yorkers. In an unusual shot, an unknown woman seized the moment to quickly shave her legs, waiting for the subway train on 42nd Street, near Times Square. The man sitting next to her is in shock. The clip shows a woman in red sandals, a pink dress and a black coat sitting at the end of the bench at the metro station. According to the author of the video, the woman simply smeared her leg with shaving foam, and without even flinching an eye, she simply pulled out a green disposable razor blade and started shaving her legs. All of this happened on the subway station just a short walk from Times Square.

"This is nothing against all the deviations I've seen," one of the commentators wrote.

“I take that subway line every day and I see a lot of things down there, but this was a first for me,” the filmer said. “I was casually waiting for the train and I noticed this white stuff on her leg and I immediately knew what was about to happen,” the filmer continued. “She couldn’t have cared less.” “She had to spread it [shaving cream] first, which got her hands full of it, and then my train came not soon after she started to use the razor, so I don’t know how she dealt with it after that. I did make eye contact with a few commuters, but because of the fact that this is NYC and anything is possible, people were, for the most part, oblivious to her."

Of course, there were some commentators who were indignant at the actions of the lady. But critics were crushed by the argument about "personal freedom."

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